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Shooting Elvis (Nina Zero Novels, #1) R M Eversz

Shooting Elvis (Nina Zero Novels, #1)

R M Eversz

Published 1997
ISBN : 9780330347174
Mass Market Paperback
309 pages
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 About the Book 

But it was the most generous thing anybody has ever done for me outside of my mother giving me birth, and even that I think of as a mixed giftThis is book is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo set in LA and wrapped in a gauze of modern cool. This is a serious page turner but apart from that the author, R.M Eversz has such a unique grasp of language that you cant help but halt your roller coaster ride and take in some of his unique descriptions. On the cover it says reads like The Catcher in the Rye with high explosives. Im not sure about The Catcher in the Rye part, I cant really see the similarities there but the high explosives? Hell yeah!It all starts when Mary caves into her good for nothing boyfriend and takes a briefcase into the airport. Soon enough shes in a bit of a pickle, the bomb has exploded in the terminal and a bunch of killer dudes are on the hunt for her. She chops her hair, dyes it black, pierces her nose and immersers herself in an artsy corner of LA. Not such a stretch for her seeing as shes an avid photographer. From this point on youve got to buckle up for a joy ride of car chases, kidnapping, spying and a bit of sex. There are points in the book where you go...hmm yeah sure (for example when she slides off her motorbike beneath a speeding truck) but then again this chick is pretty bad ass. Give it a read.